Our goal is to provide educational insight to single parents so they can make the most informed decisions for their family.

Households having
A Single Parent
Households headed by
a Male Single Parent
Children in the U.S.
Living with one parent in 2012
Single Mothers
Who are gainfully employed

Child Stability

Approaches to enrich consistency and predictability within the family so your child can excel emotionally, socially, and psychologically. Best practices, research, and statistics combine offering data on what works best in providing children with the most secure life possible.

Thriving Family

 Tools for creating enhanced bonds between the children and parent with the goal of creating a solid foundation for a lifetime of success. When the family is connected, communicating openly, and working together as a whole, all members are happier and more fulfilled.

Solo Success

 Navigating the balancing act of parent, worker, and self with increased confidence. Life is a journey of leveraging strengths and working to improve areas where one might be struggling. A happy more fulfilled parent carries over to the children and creates a brighter future for all the family.


Exploring existing and emerging research provides expanded options to improve a single parent’s personal and family life. Learning enhances an individual’s worldview and increases the capacity for critical thinking. The acquisition of knowledge is crucial in determining what strategies to consider, utilize, or discard in improving family life.


Knowledge increases self-confidence, as it arms the individual with options. Awareness of alternative considerations provides freedom and assurance in recognizing there isn’t just one lens in which to view our lives, a problem, or solution. Understanding and embracing the power to create a better future becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.


The combined efforts of education and the conviction in one’s own ability to drive and implement positive behaviors, leads to personal and family development. Life shifts and changes to support the desired vision. As belief systems are enhanced, the individual and family embrace new norms reflective of what they need to live their most fulfilled lives.


As parents continue to learn, believe they can create solid foundations for their future, the family unit integrates new behaviors, and the family foundation is strengthened. Working together to build a better life, the family flourishes. Positive forward thinking parents embrace the present, while looking ahead to an even better tomorrow.