5 Reasons Cruises are Great for Single Parents

5 Reasons Cruises are Great for Single Parents

Vacations are so important. They allow us to unwind from the responsibilities of life, regroup, and relax! As a single parent, a vacation should be an opportunity to get a bit more “me time”, but more often than not, between the planning of activities, packing of snacks, and ensuring everyone else is having fun, we end our trip more exhausted than refreshed. If you’re ready to hand over the reigns and just enjoy yourself, a cruise may be just what you’re looking for!

5 Reasons Cruises are Great for Single Parents

Kids Camps

A primary perk of a cruise are all the planned children’s activities. Feel free to leave your children in the capable hands of cruise staff at the kid’s club and relax. There are options to suit every child’s interest and age. The kids are happy, and the parents get a bit of time to themselves. Where can you actually do that when on vacation?

“Me Time”

Typically when parents are on family vacations, the agenda revolves around the children. Cruises cater to both–the children and parents. Whether you want to sit on the deck by yourself and read a book, or go to the gym for a workout, the key is you’re getting time just for yourself. If you’re in the mood for a bit more, there are a breadth of adult only activities such as cooking classes, yoga, and wine tastings. Sometimes all it takes is a few hours to do whatever you want on your own.

No Activity Planning

Organizing every activity, and every meal can be exhausting and knock the wind right out of your vacation sails! On a cruise everything is done for you. All you have to do is choose what peaks your interest, and meet at the designated location. Everything else is coordinated for you. Easy and seamless—what else could you ask for?

Food Options Galore

Ever been on a trip and nobody could agree on the type of food they wanted to eat or at what restaurant? A cruise provides a breadth of cuisine from fine dining to chicken fingers and fries. Additionally, you can order late night room service if the children get the munchies in the evenings. No extra effort on your part required!

Cost Effective

Many people believe cruises are expensive, however, if you book at the right time, they are much more cost effective than one would think. If you were to add up every activity, meal, and hotel expense from a typical vacation, most often you’d come out ahead with a cruise, as they are all inclusive. While optional excursions are available for a cost, there are more than enough activities included in the fare to keep anyone more than busy.

If you do want to ensure you’re getting the best bang for your buck, book as far in advance as possible. The winter months, particularly when schools are in session, offer the lowest fares.

Lastly, if you are thinking of a cruise, don’t forget trip insurance. A must if you have children!

Bon voyage!

Vacations are a time to relax and reinvigorate–not return home more exhausted.
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